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Good Samaritan Organic Olive Oil crosses borders

This fall, in addition to orders from within Spain, we have had the opportunity to send our olive oil to Great Britain, to Luxembourg, and we have an order ready for Switzerland! A curious anecdote is that we have sold 300 liters of the oil to two Chinese evangelical churches in Cordoba and Granada. And how about you? We encourage you to think about buying our oil as a Christmas gift! It would be a good way to invest in health, solidarity and even to speak of Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan with your friends and neighbors. It is “SMS” oil—for “Sound health, Missions and Solidarity.”

European Volunteer Service with the Erasmus + Program

This year we have a volunteer from Norway with us for 10 months. Simon is a pleasant and happy young man; he is learning the language quickly and has connected very well with the church, the youth group and the residents of the center. We want to thank God for young people of such maturity, committed to serving God this way among us in spite of being far from their home church and family. Our association has also sent a young man to Norway, and a young woman to Northern Ireland.
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Good Samaritan Center takes part in Añora Rural Olympic Games

The 7th annual Añora Rural Olympic Games were held this last weekend (July 4th - 6th), with 48 teams and some 900 competitors participating.  More than 5,000 people attended the opening ceremony. This year, the Good Samaritan Center participated in the games.  Our team, the “Highlanders,” consisted of eight Scots from a Scottish Evangelical church, some members of our church and some friends from Pozoblanco.  So with such an eclectic group we burst onto the scene at the games.
The opening ceremony, where all the teams paraded by, included a musical performance in which Samuel Arjona Farelly played in a group percussion number and also did a drum solo.  It was exciting and challenging for Samuel to be able to play in front of so many people. The competitions are very well described and explained on the website for the games: www.olimpiadasrurales.es  y Solienses. Read more...  or more pictures
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