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Asociación para la rehabilitación y reinserción de toxicómanos

El Buen Samaritano  

Besides assisting addicts we are helping in other areas .....

About Us

To serve our users we have a service office in Pozoblanco and several annexed offices throughout Spain. In Alcaracejos Township is our rehabilitation center. To start again after the rehabilitation, we count on a reintegration program. Bes ides assisting addicts and their families, we help different people to meet their needs.

Asociación El Buen Samaritano. email: buensam@buensam.org  Telef: 957 131 225  Avenida del Silo, 14 bajo, 14400 Pozoblanco (Córdoba) 


Food and mini credits

The Good Samaritan, the Red Cross, Caritas, and St. Vincent de Paul with the City Council of Pozoblanco, Community Social Services and the Regional Hospital created in 2009 a platform where social intervention is coordinated to meet the needs of Pozoblanco citizens, trying to offer a comprehensive, coordinated and complementary response, addressing the needs from the different perspectives and situations. The City Council gives these entities a annually budget to intervene directly with those affected. As an entity we are distributing over 13 tons of food of European Social Emergency Fund, on a quarterly basis in Pozoblanco , Cabra and Montilla. Also in the province of Castellón is distributed food products. In this case the products come from members of evangelical churches, other individuals and a bakery. It has also initiated a program mini credits with a budget of ECM-Netherlands to help in situations struts. Through the evangelical church in Manzanares every 15 days we are helping about 80 families.
Reparto de alimentos

Wardrobe in Peñarroya

For eight years we are helping the people of Peñarroya with a weekly service of deposit used clothing. The wardrobe started because the people of the town began to leave their clothes at the building of the Evangelical Church. From there we saw that people gradually knowing about the deposit and came to the church asking for a jacket, for baby clothes here or there ... Very soon it became necessary to open the wardrobe on a regular basis and so it began. Over the years we have been running we have had a good team of volunteers, mostly members of the church who fall clothes and put on display. Then are there to help those who come to look for clothing, to serve coffee or to chat with those who have time to sit awhile. We also had volunteers from abroad who came in the volunteer program of EVS (European Voluntary Scheme) gaining social and cultural experience in a country that is not theirs. We have all kinds of requests from people who visit us, seasonal clothing for work, for children and pregnant women. Also carry a list of items needed or offered as cots, curtains, furniture etc. Nice to see an article offered it to someone else who seeks it. The villagers collaborate generously in this work and in these days of crisis it is good to do something to alleviate the needs of those who live with you. Clothing that does not serve us is stored in special bags to be picked up every 2-3 months. Those clothes serves to good use too. NGOs that collect recycled or sent abroad to countries in need.
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